Webinar Recording from June 25, 2021

Nonconsensual Tracking 101: Personal Trackers

The recent proliferation of personal tracking devices has created new stalking risks for victims of gender-based violence and human trafficking. Companies like Apple, Amazon, Tile and Samsung are flooding the market with inexpensive and highly effective tracking devices that can be misused to track victims anywhere they go. It is now critical that schools and organizations working with victim populations understand this threat and how to address it. In this webinar, Coalition Against Stalkerware members Eva Galperin (EFF.org) and Adam Dodge (EndTAB.org) will (1) demystify how personal trackers work, (2) demonstrate how they are used to harm and surveil victims and (3) illustrate how anyone can prevent and respond to different forms of nonconsensual tracking through safety planning and advocacy.