Why EndTAB?

We transform organizations through dynamic trainings to address technology-enabled abuse.

Today, victims are being harmed online and via technology at historic rates. To assist them, organizations must now prioritize a victim's physical, mental and DIGITAL health. Technology isn't going away, and neither is this problem. Our courses empower professionals to act when technologies are used to harm someone and make a difference. Our clients include universities, law enforcement, nonprofits, judicial systems, healthcare networks and more.

What is Tech-Enabled Abuse?

This refers to the ways in which familiar forms of abuse - stalking, domestic violence, sexual violence, human trafficking, bullying & elder abuse - are perpetrated via technology. More than ever before, victims are spending their time online and relying on technology. It should come as no surprise this is how they are being harmed.

Some of Our Clients

Connecticut Judicial Branch
UC Irvine
Judicial Council of CA