Hosted by EndTAB, Featuring Dr. Saed D. Hill

Webinar recorded on 6.23.22

Today, we are increasingly witnessing normalized patterns of unhealthy and abusive online behaviors that are almost wholly attributed to men and boys. Two online behaviors stand out as uniquely gendered: (1) Unwanted Nude Images (aka d**k pics) and (2) Rejection Violence. While this is concerning, an examination of these behaviors also presents an opportunity to better engage men and boys on healthy masculinity in the digital age. In this 1-hour interactive webinar, Dr. Saed D. Hill (Assistant Director of Prevention and Masculine Engagement at Northwestern) and Adam Dodge (Founder, Endtab) will (1) discuss the motivations behind these behaviors; (2) breakdown why these behaviors often change in online spaces and (3) share practical approaches, examples and talking points to include in our prevention efforts and discussions with men, boys and our communities at large.