Webinar Recording from October 16, 2020

A Q&A with Cybersecurity expert Matt Mosley about online safety and best practices.

Do you work with students or victims and have questions when they are harmed online or through their devices? Ever wish you could connect with a cybersecurity expert for help? Then we have some great news. Meet Matt. In this interactive webinar, we are joined by cybersecurity expert (and all-around amazing person) Matt Mosley, who is the Director of Incident Response & Forensics at Tevora. Matt will be answering your questions (submitted in advance and during the webinar) about the intersection of gender-based violence & technology-enabled abuse.

Learning Objectives

Questions answered include:

Can someone find a student's location via Zoom? 
Does factory resetting a phone make it safe?  
How is social engineering used to harm victims? 
Can an attacker listen to a victim through their smart speaker? 

Who should attend: University and High School staff including counselors, investigators, advocates, teachers, title IX staff, etc.


Matt Mosley

Matt is the primary technical resource and leads the team for incident response and digital forensics at Tevora. His expertise covers leading internal and external incident response engagements that include incident response readiness assessments, threat hunting, and tabletop exercises along with documentation of findings and client remediation of security weaknesses. He has provided pro bono assistance to domestic violence survivors experiencing online and tech-enabled abuse. Matt has extensive experience in penetration testing, development of security intelligence solutions, web development, mobile app development, risk management, ISO 27001, HIPAA, and PCI audits.

Adam Dodge


Adam Dodge, J.D., is a California Attorney, and founder of EndTAB, who specializes in the ways technology is misused to harm victims of gender-based violence, elder abuse, human trafficking and stalking. He co-authored The Empowered Woman’s Guide to Divorce and has contributed to features in the Washington Post, New York Times, Wall Street Journal, SELF Magazine, Los Angeles Times, Gizmodo, GQ and others. Adam spends a great deal of his time delivering innovative technology-enabled abuse presentations to victim-serving organizations and government agencies around the world.