Webinar Recording from October 28, 2021

When Financial Abuse Goes Digital

Financial abuse has gone digital. This was true before the pandemic - and is even further amplified today. The shift to virtual work, education and interaction has created new safety risks and expanded opportunities to impair a survivor’s financial security. Now, more than ever, building wealth and financial security requires that survivors are physically, financially and DIGITALLY safe. A survivor’s financial security - banking, payment apps, loans, credit, financial assistance, compensation and more - is tied to the Internet. If a survivor cannot access their technology safely, then they are not financially safe. In order to help them survive and thrive, it is now critical that organizations working with survivors of gender-based violence be able to anticipate, prevent and respond to modern financial abuse. In this webinar, Adam Dodge (EndTAB.org) will (1) demystify how tech-enabled intimate partner violence directly and indirectly impacts a survivor’s financial security, (2) breakdown common examples and case studies and (3) illustrate how anyone can prevent and respond to different forms of tech-enabled financial abuse through safety planning and advocacy.